The Power of Antioxidants

Superheroes, to me, are amazing. Their ability to fly, jump super high, crawl around like animals, and fight crime is impressive.  When I think of the power of antioxidants that’s what they remind me of, superheroes. Antioxidants move about our bodies fighting crime and protecting us from danger.  What are antioxidants ? In recent times, “antioxidant”Continue reading “The Power of Antioxidants”

Benefits of Functional Lab Tests

Hopefully after reading “Functional Medicine and You”,  you have considered seeing a functional medicine practitioner. If so then congratulations! I’m so happy for you and the wonderful health journey you are embarking on. If not, no worries. This week’s blog is aiming to describe different laboratory tests your provider may request you complete.  Benefits TheContinue reading “Benefits of Functional Lab Tests”

Control! (Your Blood Sugar)

Controlling your blood glucose (sugar) level may be something your doctor has asked you or someone you love to work on. A request like this is made with good reason and intention. Unfortunately if we are not aware of how to control our blood sugar levels dis-ease in the body can ensue. Every year inContinue reading “Control! (Your Blood Sugar)”

Functional Medicine & You

What is Functional Medicine? Functional medicine is the art of understanding the root cause of a disease process or diagnosis by understanding the biology of the client. At Oasis Healing, functional medicine counseling is the heart of what we do. By understanding the biochemistry, or the biological reactions that take place for human life, theContinue reading “Functional Medicine & You”