What To Expect:

During your first visit, you will spend up to an hour and a half with Dr. Jasmyne. Throughout this time she will listen. You will have the time and space to guide her through your entire health history. Due to this time spent, she will be able to truly understand you and your health journey to this point. You will also have the opportunity to share with her what your health goals are and where you want your health to be. Whether you see the doctor for naturopathic consults, nutrition, fitness, or a combination listening to you is the most important aspect.


Dr. Jasmyne wants you to feel heard and for you to take a prime role in your health. She sets out to give you and your body the tools you are comfortable with to reach the health state you desire. With your health history she gathers from forms and converses with you. She will work as a detective to decipher the underlying cases of your disease state.


On your first visit she will also examine what you are currently doing for your health. Using her knowledge and expertise she will supply you with suggestions of how you can start improving your state of health that very day. She will decide and have you complete individualized biomedical lab testing according to what you shared with her, so she can then begin to create a clearer picture of what’s happening to your body. After your visit she will dedicate herself to fully understanding your disease state, quest for improved nutrition, or fitness. Through her and the results of your testing she will develop a scientific treatment plan specific for you.


Follow Up Visits

Whether your lab work is being reviewed, your learning your newly designed fitness plan,  checking in on your health progress, or coming in for something new the doctor will spend a full hour with you to address your needs. Naturopathic follow ups will focus on continued lab testing if needed to understand your case, supplement and lifestyle recommendations for continued health. Nutrition follow ups will be a time to review your new eating plan and food specific to you and/or to check in and refocus your energy on your goal. Fitness follows will be up to you. You can make follow up appointments to check in on how your doing reaching your goals and learning you udpated fitness plans as you progress, or you can come and workout directly with the doctor for one-on-one or group training sessions. 

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